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Friday, January 17, 2003


White named deputy fire chief

Jonathan White of Bedford Road was named Carlisle's new Deputy Fire Chief last week by Fire Chief David Flannery. White, who is employed as a lieutenant in the Concord fire department, has been associated with the Carlisle volunteer fire department for 35 years, most recently as captain. He succeeds Flannery as deputy fire chief after Flannery moved to the top spot, succeeding Bob Koning, who retired on January 1.

New Deputy Fire Chief Jonathan White (Photo by Midge Eliassen)

As deputy chief, White will be second in charge of the Carlisle Fire Department and has overall responsibility for day-to-day operations. The position encompasses a large number of responsibilities. He is in charge of staff training, of vehicles and equipment, including protective clothing. He has developed specifications for the purchase of new vehicles and has supervised setting them up for active use. He is in charge of all communications equipment and serves as liason between the communications department and the fire department. He recruits and screens candidates for the fire deparment and is responsible for their initial and continuing training. Most of these duties are carried forward from his position as captain.

A 'home grown' fireman

White was born in Carlisle and grew up on Bedford Road. As a young man back in the late 60s, when Waldo Wilson was chief and his wife Esther answered all emergency calls, there was no formal training for volunteer firemen. White just showed up to help out when there was a fire and Wilson was glad to have him. That was how he started. He became an auxiliary fire fighter in 1985 and an emergency medical technician in 1989. He became a captain and now has a firefighter 1 certification, which is the highest category of certification. He became a full time professional firefighter in Concord in the 70s and presently holds the rank of Lieutenant and is stationed at the West Concord Fire Station.

Chief Flannery has highest praise for White, who has worked with him in the Carlisle fire department for 35 years. Flannery says White has worked tirelessly to "move the department forward with all call high quality service."

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