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Friday, January 10, 2003


Treasurer and tax collector Ann Vandal resigns

As of the end of the year, treasurer and tax collector Ann Vandal resigned her position to become the town accountant in Dracut, her hometown. Vandal, who served in Carlisle for two and a half years, was the first incumbent of the dual-role position.

Ann Vandal (photo by Rik Pierce)
From her new office in Dracut Vandal explained that this was a career-building move for her. "It will put me in a better position for what I want to do in the future. In the five-to-ten-year time frame I would like to be a financial director," she said. While she enjoyed Carlisle's small-town atmosphere and the friendliness of the townspeople, she felt her job was not as challenging for her as one in a larger community. "It was time to move on."

How is Carlisle faring in this financially difficult time? "It's in pretty good shape for this size of town." Any parting advice? "Communication between departments could be improved," she offered.

Town administrator Madonna McKenzie has placed ads in the area newspapers for a replacement and applications have already started to arrive. However, she plans to name an interim treasurer/tax collector to serve until the position is filled.

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