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Friday, January 10, 2003


"The town deadline is April 13," said AT&T spokesman Marc Goodman in an e-mail to the Mosquito. "The [cable] upgrade project is scheduled to be completed in advance of that date." Late last month the company announced that it would finish its entire Massachusetts cable upgrade in 2003, with Carlisle scheduled for "late spring." The April date moves Carlisle up by one quarter — if it happens as promised.

The project requires rewiring the whole town using a hybrid fiber optic/coaxial cable. This, explained Goodman will provide residents with 200 TV channels and high speed internet access, with a downloading speed of 1.5 Mb/sec and an uploading speed of 256 kb/sec. Most people download more than they upload, said Goodman.

The cable service contact between AT&T Broadband and the Town of Carlisle specifies two target dates as incentives for the company. If AT&T completes the upgrade by April 13, their license renewal period will be extended from five to ten years. However, if the upgrade is not completed by October 13, the company will pay the town a penalty of $300,000.

AT&T Broadband was bought by Comcast Corporation of Philadelphia last month and will begin using the Comcast name later this year. Carlisle is among 27 Massachusetts communities including where cable modem service is not yet available, including Concord, Lincoln, Littleton and other northwest towns.

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