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Friday, January 10, 2003

New fire chief David Flannery thanks town for support

To the Editor:

Since the announcement of my appointment on the front page of the Carlisle Mosquito November 15, I have received dozens of well wishes. The cards, letters, telephone calls and e-mails have been very heartwarming. Many people have also seen me at the post office or Daisy's and have stopped to congratulate me. I am extremely grateful to all who have taken the time to wish me well as I begin my service as the third fire chief to serve the Town since the establishment of the department in 1927.

My predecessors, Chief Wilson and Chief Koning, served the people of the Town very well for 52 and 24 years respectively. Each chief brought changes, improvements and innovations. It was my privilege to have served under both of these exceptional leaders, the last 23 years as Chief Koning's deputy. I now look forward to the opportunity to begin my work as the leader of your fire department. I will work hard to keep our department current with modern day standards. We are fortunate to have, and are blessed with, a wonderful, dedicated group of call firefighters and emergency medical technicians. Over the years our department has also enjoyed overwhelming support from the members of this small community. These men are your friends and neighbors and give much more than their time to a community they love. I am honored to be their Chief and want the community to know how special your fire department is. Some have said our department is the last link to "old Carlisle." I'm not sure this is true but what I do know is that the fire service has a long and wide heritage and holds very tightly to traditions. We are no different in Carlisle and hope to continue to do the same.

Thank you again for your thoughts, prayers and good wishes.

David R. Flannery
Fire Chief

Small town living has its charms

To the Editor:

Born on Long Island, schooled in Queens and working in Brooklyn our nephew, Michael Home, is New York City to his core. On his first trip to Carlisle at age 14 he asked where the 7-11 and video arcade were. He was floored that pizza, deli and good Korean were not within a 10-minute walk. He noted there were a lot of trees and it got really dark.

Fifteen years later Mike looks forward to his Carlisle visits. He walks our woods and savours the quiet we take for granted. He especially enjoys the Mosquito and usually turns to the police blotter and fire log first. He was amazed when the police stakeout of a vandalized mailbox was front-page news a few years ago. He followed the story closely and was as glad as we were that the issue was successfully concluded. Mike reports that the Mosquito's coverage is a refreshing change from his local paper's police and fire reports. They usually involve serious property damage, personal injury or death.

We are giving Michael a Mosquito subscription for the new year to help him stay in touch and provide hard evidence when his friends in the city question stories of Carlisle life. It is also a reminder for us of how thankful we are to be living in Carlisle: a place where big news is when a neighbor has water in their basement or bats in their attic.

David and Donna Robbins
Laurelwood Drive

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