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Friday, December 20, 2002


CSA announces $7,600 in grants

The Carlisle School Association (CSA), the parent-teacher organization of the Carlisle Public School, announces the awarding of $7,600 in grants for teacher programs and supplies. These grants, funded through our Gift Wrap, Book Sale, and other fund-raisers, will provide assistance for a variety of unmet needs throughout the grades, from sports uniforms to microscopes.

Although the intent of the CSA Grant Program is to encourage enrichment programs, in this difficult fiscal year it was necessary to fund a number of basic needs not covered by the budget. For example, in the eighth grade, there were not enough math textbooks. In the third grade, addition of a classroom had left one section without math tools such as blocks, dice, and calculators. In the fifth grade, new maps and instruction materials were needed to implement required programs in North and South America, Explorers, and U.S. History as specified by recently-changed state guidelines. These needs were at least partly addressed through CSA grants.

In some instances, a small amount of money was able make a difference. One example was the physical education ropes program, which had been discontinued because there was no budget to replace frayed ropes 33 years old. The new ropes cost a mere $207.54 and will allow rope climbing to be reintroduced.

Other grants included music workshops, microscopes, books for early reading, visual learning software, materials to implement a glass etching art project, and uniforms for the cross-country team. The CSA would like to thank everyone who contributed to our fund-raisers, either by volunteering time and energy, by donating money, or by purchasing CSA gift wrap, books, school supplies, or T-shirts. We look forward to another successful year of fund-raising to allow us to continue our contributions to the school.

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