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Friday, December 20, 2002


ConsCom hears wetland and weather woes

Maple Street new construction

Speaking for owners Beverly and David Morrison, engineer Keith Murray returned to the commission to present revised plans for construction of a dwelling, driveway, associated utilities and landscaping on a rather wet two-acre lot on Maple Street, which will require work in the buffer zone and in the wetland itself. Murray reported that a number of commission recommenda-tions made during his first appearance three weeks ago had been implemented. The specifications for the wetland replication area have been beefed up, old wetland flags have been replaced and the septic system moved nine feet further from the wetland.

The only remaining sticking point was a commission request that a solid demarcation be provided at the indicated "limit of work." Convinced that thick vegetation at the rear of the lot would provide an effective natural barrier, the Morrisons were reluctant to comply. Commissioner Roy Watson explained that the temptation to increase the admittedly limited yard space by clearing into the tantalizingly flat area involved might prove too strong for a future buyer. Willard suggested that the natural barrier could be designated as a "continuing condition," which would clearly specify that the owner could make no change without coming back before the board.

The commission will return to the matter when the Morrisons have a buyer with a definitive plan for the house. The issue of delimiting the yard area might better be discussed with them.

East Street 'lake'

Engineer David Crossman, accompanied Field Crest Realty developer Edward Hassey, reported a tale of woe brought on, in large part, by the early arrival of wintry precipitation. While holding an approval for a driveway off East Street, the sheepish duo reported that happenings on the lot have prevented them from fulfilling the conditions specified earlier by the commission. Crossman reminded his 'judges' that the driveway in question goes down a steep decline to a wetland crossing which, he said, has turned into a lake. Therefore grading cannot be accomplished nor the wetland replication area completed by the November 1, 2002 deadline. Meanwhile soil, rocks and other materials to be used in completing the job are piled up below.

Trying to get some hold on the actual situation, commissioner Jon Beakley asked tentatively, "What's the prognosis? When do you think you can do what?" From chair Chris Kavalauskas, "What kind of mess do you have there? Is the silt flowing out in all directions?" From Willard, "That huge pile of soil has to be protected."

Hassey offered to cover the loam pile with tarpaulin and install a surrounding silt fence. Commissioners agreed that forgetting about the replication area until spring was fine, but that they would like to see the area stabilized, if possible. Said Kavalauskas, "We want it done but we don't want you to do anything that might make it worse." The final word was an admonition to "Keep in touch."

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