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Friday, December 20, 2002


ConsCom okays town center path

Pedestrian and bike safety committee head Deb Belanger was on friendly turf December 12 as she sought and received clearance from the Carlisle Conservation Commission (ConsCom) for work on the next leg of the pathway network in the town center. This was just one of several hurdles that the committee must negotiate with town officials and abutters who have interests or responsibilities concerning the project.

Belanger mapped out the next leg, starting at the Gleason Library driveway, proceeding down Bedford Road to a crossing at the eastern edge of the old St. Irene site, hence along the Bedford Road town easement and the Seawright (daylilies) pullout, past the Zezima property and an adjoining field that belongs to the Carlisle Conservation Foundation (CCF). There the project will halt for the time being while solutions are sought for getting around an intervening pond to reach Kimballs ice cream stand. It will reappear at the foot of Church Street, proceed along Spalding Field and up the hill to connect with the existing path.

The four-to-five-foot walkway will be dug out to a depth of about a foot, re-filled to about six inches, and finished with stone dust and temporary topping. Belanger said the committee plans to add a final topping of a Star Pack type "when more money is available." She added that department of public works head Gary Davis has told the committee he can use the town's bobcat to plow after a snowstorm.

A ConsCom okay was required because the route traverses wetland buffer zones in at least four places, i.e., at the library where a substantial stone wall protects the resource area, at the old church site where silt barriers will be required, at a culvert along Bedford Road, in the CCF land and along Church Street where more silt fences are needed, for a total of about 4,000 square feet. The commission was happy to hear that only two or three mature trees will need to be removed from these locations.

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