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Friday, December 20, 2002


Shorts from the board of selectmen meeting, December 10

Wage increases. It was unclear to the selectmen how to fund cost-of-living raises for town employees, given the finance committee guidelines of a 1.5% budget increase for non-school departments. The consumer price index is 2.6%. Some employees are due to receive additional salary raises due to grade changes as recommended by the town's wage and classification study. One method mentioned to keep budgets within the 1.5% guideline was to reduce the number of staff-hours worked. However, board of health agent Linda Fantasia said from the audience, "I'd like to point out that a cut in hours doesn't amount to much of a raise."

The board of selectmen tentatively set a cost of living increase of 2% for non-contractual town employees.

Town hall use policy. The board of selectmen voted to amend section 1.2 of the Town Hall use policy, in order to allow the town administrator to grant single-use permits to groups seeking to use space in Town Hall.

Resignation. The selectmen accepted, with gratitude for his service, David Flannery's resignation from the position as Carlisle's drinking water operator. Flannery has served as a volunteer in this position, monitoring the water quality at the Town Hall and library, and filling out the paperwork required by the state. Town administrator Madonna McKenzie explained that Flannery had been planning to step down for a year or two, and had trained another person, who has received the necessary certification. McKenzie doubted, however, that any replacement would be willing to do the job for free, and the selectmen authorized her to investigate an appropriate stipend level.

Heald House tour. The selectmen decided to send a letter of thanks to the Carlisle Historical Society, which had given the selectmen a tour of the Heald House, prior to their regular board meeting.

River Road update. The town administrator gave the selectmen copies of a communication from town council outlining possible options the town might pursue against Joseph Campagna of River Road. In 2001, Campagna removed trees from town-owned land abutting his property, in violation of the town's scenic road bylaw. At least one stone boundary marker was also removed, which the selectmen would like to have accurately replaced. Campagna's property is now for sale.

Eagle scout. A proclamation was signed congratulating Joseph Maxwell Winsby on his achieving the rank of eagle scout.

Executive session. The meeting ended with an executive session to discuss salary negotiations for the incoming fire chief.

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