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Friday, December 20, 2002

Rotary decorations explained

To the Editor:

Every time I pass the rotary I chuckle to myself. A group of us decorated the statue in the rotary as part of the Garden Club's tradition of December civic decorating. We knew that any decorations for the rotary have to be on a big scale because they are primarily viewed, very briefly, by passing motorists. Well, it certainly is noticeable. Perhaps this year we are a little over the top? Our choice of color is a trifle daring. Maybe it does somewhat resemble a tutu. It was fun to do (although it was also bitterly cold work this year). I hope you smile as you pass our creative civic decorating. On the other hand, our wreaths and swags for the library, police station, fire station and Town Hall are tasteful in the extreme. Happy Holidays!

Alison Saylor
Garden Club President

Thanks for donations of blankets for Boston's homeless

To the Editor:

Many thanks to all those in Carlisle who donated blankets. Right before Thanksgiving we brought several bags to Solutions at Work in Cambridge, an arm of the Boston/Cambridge Homeless Coalition. They were very grateful. These blankets will be given directly to the homeless. We have decided to continue to collect blankets until the end of January. So those of you who wanted to donate some but never had the time to get around to it will have another chance (or you can even wait until after the holidays if you are too busy right now). Blankets can be dropped off in our barn on 39 Baldwin Road. Thanks for your generosity!

The Petrie Family
Baldwin Road

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