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Friday, December 13, 2002


As the snow began to fall last Thursday afternoon at the fire station, Robert J. ("Bob") Koning reflected on his 41 years of service with the Carlisle Fire Department, the last 25 years spent as chief. When he retires on January 1, he will leave behind many accomplishments that have improved the safety of Carlisle and the region. ...more

We all know what winter looks like and how it feels, but I want to talk about what winter sounds like. Yes there are bad sounds, but there are wonderful sounds too. ...more

It's Friday the 13 and some unlucky worms became breakfast this morning for the early birds. In another unlucky turn of events, back in the mid-to-late 19 century, perhaps on a Friday 13th, the Oriental bittersweet was deliberately introduced into America beginning a story of unintended consequences. ...more

Gleason Public Library has been a meeting place for everyone in town since its beginnings in 1896. For over a century, library directors and staff have built and cared for the collection of books, helped legions of schoolchildren with their homework, guided adults through research and pleasure-reading, overseen art and literary programs, and fought to keep ...more

The Mosquito needs a reporter to cover regional issues, including the monthly meeting of MAGIC (Minuteman Advisory Group on Interlocal Coordination). Mosquito editors scan newspapers of surrounding towns on a weekly basis, which helps to identify regional trends, events and issues of interest to Carlisle readers. Is there a new housing development on Carlisle's ...more

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