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Friday, December 6, 2002


170 Concord Road Chelmsford, MA 01824 1-978-256-2252

There is a new restaurant almost in Carlisle. Just over the line in Chelmsford, where the former Ciro's was located, a new Mexican restaurant has opened. Judging from the crowd there last Friday, it is already pleasing a lot of people. The decor is reminiscent of Mexico without the addition of smoke at the bar and elsewhere. It was sprinkled with color, hot oranges and red and then cool aqua so typical of that country and, of course, a few sombreros and a piñata.

It looked festive with lights and a cactus, without the needles, hiding a pole. We expected to see a cowboy come lounging in, but none appeared while we were there. We did, however, greet old friends from Carlisle who suggested we write up this place.

The dilemma was in choosing a variety of things, without ordering more than we could possibly eat. We did not succeed in the latter. Our refrigerator and freezer are groaning with food: Thanksgiving remains plus leftovers from my daughter's birthday two days before and more leftovers from my grandson's birthday three days after. Now that I think about it, we eat straight through from September until January as every family birthday and anniversary except for mine occurs in this period.

We tried to eliminate an appetizer, but the guacamole was too tempting and my excuse was we needed to try it for this review. I got a wonderful recipe from a Mexican girl years ago and I wanted to compare them. The guacamole came in a stone mortar complete with pestle. ($7.50) — an unusual way of serving this and it tasted fresh and well balanced and similar to the recipe I make at home. We thought we'd try it and take the rest home, but that didn't work as I was indulging in a "house Margarita" ($5.95) and Alex in a glass of wine and both just went so well together, we ate the whole thing.

For our main course I had the Pollo y Nopales Quesadillas (shredded chicken and cactus paddles) ($10.50). Refried black beans and green rice and a jicama and orange slaw accompanied this. I was only able to eat a bit of all of this. The serving was generous and the flavors delicious.

Alex had the Platos Combinacion #4, a combination plate with cornmeal fried fish filet, fried calamari and shrimp served with sweet potatoes and jicama orange slaw ($15.50).

We opted to skip dessert, though the chocolate cake looked wonderful. Presently, Sombrero's is open evenings only and they do not take reservations, but that may change.

The atmosphere was warm and inviting, the food reasonably priced and the dress casual. I think Sombrero's is an excellent addition to eating out in this area.

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