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Friday, November 29, 2002


ConsCom scrutinizes building plans in wetland border zones

The conservation commission heard two plans for new construction and septic repair on lands bordering wetlands at its November 23 meeting.

West Street septic system

Stamski and McNary engineer Ron Ferraiuolo presented an application for repair of a failed septic system on a lot owned by Phillipa Shiach. The plan called for addition of a new septic tank and leaching trenches with associated grading. Commissioners felt that the proposed system could be located further away from a wetland which conservation administrator Sylvia Willard said is near a potential town water supply site. Ferraiuolo was asked to try to improve the plan by doing a second set of tests, reducing the amount of grading and selecting a better access route.

The public hearing was continued to December 12 at 8 p.m.

New house on Maple Street

The second plan is for construction of a single family dwelling, with driveway, grading and landscaping that would require 28,423 square feet of work in the buffer zone and 340 square feet of disturbance in the wetland itself. The project is proposed by owners David and Beverly Morrisson on a two-acre Maple Street lot that was originally part of a seven-acre parcel.

Commissioner Tom Brownrigg began an extended discussion by suggesting that the footprint for the "generic" house be turned to get it somewhat further from the wetland. Chair Chris Kavalauskas said she suspected that the proposed driveway might actually traverse an unidentified "isolated wetland." Engineer Keith Murray of Meisner Brem Corporation invited her to accompany their wetland botanist on an inspection of the site, and she accepted. Brownrigg added that he thought he had seen a possible vernal pool just off-site and asked Kavalauskas to check that also on her visit.

Joining the rollcall of misgivings, Smith requested addition of a rugged fence to assure no further wetland encroachment in the future. Murray asked if the barrier could be formed by substantial plantings, but the issue was not resolved. The hearing was continued to December 12 at 8:15 p.m.

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