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Friday, November 29, 2002


Field hockey

The varsity field hockey team had a well-played season with the contribution of five Carlisle players. Senior Jackie Anderson was an aggressive, positive player, who had the ability to play any position on the field. Jackie is a dedicated player who has been in the field hockey program for four years. Her quiet leadership and great attitude has made her a great addition to the team. Junior Kristen Bergstrom played left fullback and was a strong, fast player on the field who always had good game sense. Kim Anderson was constantly aware of the play in games and played as starter left halfback. Kate Traynor played left wing and always knew where to be in a game. She was a great post player and scored many goals during the season. Joslyn Tarr was an all-around good player, who could play a solid defense or offense position. The girls field hockey season record was 4-11-3, but many of their games were only lost by one or two goals. The C-C field hockey team had hard competition against them, but they played tough, aggressive games and worked very hard this season.

Kristen Bergstrom (left) was a strong, fast player on the field. (Photo by Carol Bailey of Anderson Photo in Concord)

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