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Friday, November 22, 2002


Planning board to evaluate cell tower sites

The planning board is in the final phases of selecting a consultant that will evaluate potential wireless communication facilities sites in town. The board has received four proposals from qualified consultants and expects to select one of the four at their meeting on Monday, November 25. Planning administrator George Mansfield expects the study to reveal whether there is "a site in town that could satisfy the requirements of the bylaw or have a minimal number of variances."

According to the board's written Request for Proposals (RFP), the consultant will be required to review the existing Carlisle bylaw and determine which parcels in Carlisle can meet the zoning requirements for a wireless facility. The consultant must also determine which sites offer the "desired coverage" for service providers, ranking the sites by signal, ease of access and permitting. Additionally, the consultant will review the bylaw for desirable changes.

"Until we have this study we really don't have an objective way of knowing the suitability of a site," Mansfield explained. He expects the study to take three months. "We hope this would support the Town's ability to locate a cell tower on town property."

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