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Friday, November 22, 2002


Selectmen sign new three-year police contract

After meeting in executive session, the Carlisle Board of Selectmen voted on November 12 to sign a new contract with police union local 201. The contract will be retroactive to July 1 and run for three years. According to town administrator Madonna McKenzie, the major change in the new contract is a 3.25% raise in the salary for all covered police officers during the current fiscal year (FY03), a 3.5% raise in FY04, and a 3.75% increase in FY05. The police contract already included "longevity pay," automatic salary increases of between 4% and 8% of the annual base salary depending on the number of years of service.

Smaller contract changes include an additional sick day annually, increases in the clothing allowance and detail rates. Detail rates are paid to officers working for parties other than the Town of Carlisle and are not paid by the town.

Some officers receive yearly stipends for special duties, and two new stipends have been created, both about $1,000 per year. One stipend is for armorer officer (officer who repairs firearms) and the other is for serving as a representative to the North Eastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council (NEMLAC.) The council is comprised of 32 communities and is formed to facilitate joint training and mutual assistance. For instance, member communities with special SWAT or dive teams will help other towns with an emergency need for such skills. Carlisle joined NEMLAC last year.

Police chief David Galvin says that the current year salary increase can be accomodated within the current budget. Next year the situation may be more difficult. The new contract will require an additional $70,000 in FY04, according to McKenzie. However, the finance committee's current draft budget for FY04 only provides about $13,000 in new funds to the police department. Galvin says that he will be working on the FY04 budget in the next several weeks.

Auxiliary police officers are not covered by the contract. The police chief and lieutenant are also not included because they are hired under separate contracts with the town.

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