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Friday, November 22, 2002

Community preservation committee writes

To the Editor:

Your front-page article regarding the Community Preservation funds inspired our committee to provide the town with an update on our progress.

In addition to the mission statement and update we gave at the last Town Meeting, we have met numerous times to discuss process issues and design an application form for the consistent review of any project presented to the town for consideration under CPA funding. We have worked out a process that any project applying for CPA funding must also be talking to the appropriate committee (recreation, open space, affordable housing, planning, etc.), so as not to duplicate, circumvent or have anyone feel excluded. We are in the process of gathering all written or approved plans from the town committees so we can ensure that we are not reinventing the wheel. We are not charged with clarifying the conservation or affordable housing strategies for the town, but rely on our links and the goals of the existing committees. Any expenditure of CPA funds must be approved at Town Meeting so there will be plenty of opportunity for public discussion. We will also hold a special community preservation public hearing, tentatively scheduled for January.

To the extent that everyone agrees that land is the critical issue, we are attempting to identify sites that can be used for multipurpose. We can talk about strategy until we are blue in the face, but without a site we will continue to experience the same frustrations that have continued in Carlisle over the past dozen years. We want a project that makes sense for the town and will benefit many.

Finally, the state's most recent statements lead us to believe that next year will be another full 100% match. This would result in an additional $400,000 in CPA funding, making the total in excess of $800,000. We believe this revenue is substantial and we continue to look for ways to enhance the town while minimizing taxpayer expenditure.

Caren Ponty, Chairman
for the Carlisle Community Preservation Committee

Library Thanks Pumpkin Spectacle Volunteers

To the Editor:

The 19th Annual Pumpkin Spectacle of the Gleason Library was a great success thanks to the many people who contributed their help.

Our thanks go to the Carlisle Cultural Council who provided funding for Tony Toledo's performance at Corey Auditorium. Thank you also to the Friends of the Gleason Public Library who provided funds for the book prizes and purchased the refreshments.

Bonnie Miskolczy, Sylvia Willard and Tim Eliassen had the difficult job of choosing the prize-winners from the many creative entries. Registration was done by Verna Gilbert and Lisa Chaffin. Nancy Roberts took some great pictures, which are on display in the library.

Marty Seneta
for the Gleason Library staff

Girl Scouts phonathon tops $3,000 in donations

To the Editor:

The Concord and Carlisle Girl Scouts ran their annual Family Partnership Phonathon on November 3 at The Thoreau Club, Camp & Outdoor Center. It was a big success, raising over $3,000 in one night for the Concord and Carlisle Girl Scouts and for the Patriot's Trail Girl Scout Council. This is the 9th consecutive year the Thoreau Club has supported us in this way. Making calls from this comfortable, supportive venue is something we look forward to every year.

A significant portion of the money raised from the phonathon comes back directly to the Concord-Carlisle Service unit to benefit our own girls. In addition, the funds are used to support training for girls and leaders, events that our girls and leaders can participate in, and maintenance of our Girl Scout buildings and facilities in the area. Without the assistance of local businesses like The Thoreau Club, our work would be so much harder.

We'd also like to recognize our wonderful phonathon volunteers, Janet Rothrock and Nancy Ackerman from Concord, and Giovanna DiNicola, Gordon Means, and Linda Johnson from Carlisle. They spent several hours making phone calls, organizing material, and preparing the donation mailer. Year after year, our Girl Scout families are extremely generous with their time and money. They know that Girl Scouts provides a wonderful opportunity for girls and young women to learn and develop leadership skills, the value of serving their community, and interpersonal skills. We very much appreciate our volunteers' efforts as well as the Thoreau Club's continuing support of this worthy organization.

Suzie Weaver and Marty Galligan
Carlisle Family Partnership GCo-Chairpersons
Lola Chaisson and Cathy Maro
Concord Family Partnership Co-Chairpersons

Pet owners beware

To the Editor:

The other evening our 72-pound Doberman/Boxer cross was bitten by what we feel was a coyote. He had been out for only about three to four minutes during which time he ate his dinner, but when he returned from "doing his business," he had a gaping wound as well as a puncture wound. This is a good-sized very muscular dog who I would not have expected I'd have to protect as he is confined with an "Invisible Fence" and never goes very far within our fields.

He has been "repaired" and is recovering. Fortunately, he was up-to-date on his rabies shots. I write this to urge you to be sure your animals are given all their shots regularly and to keep a close eye on even your large dogs at all times. I'd hate to see another animal and owner have to go through this.

Beth Hambleton
Russell Street

Senator Susan Fargo sends thanks

To the Editor:

I want to let all citizens know how much I appreciate their support in the recent November elections. Many of you volunteered to help my campaign through holding signs, contributing, hosting home parties and putting lawn signs in your front yards. Although unopposed, I campaigned as usual, welcoming the chance to listen and learn from constituents of all persuasions

This is grassroots politics at its best, despite a blistering avalanche of negative campaign ads throughout our region. The heavy turnout of voters on Election Day was heartening and informative. We in elective office need to acknowledge and respond to the concerns among the electorate about economic and national security.

We also need to work together on the issues that touch our lives: affordable health care; senior care; education; public safety; smart economic growth; transportation and infrastructure; and diversifying our economy with new technologies in renewable energy, biotech and the trading of CO2 emission reduction trade credits.

I hope you will join with me in facing these challenges. Experience has taught me that "people power" produces positive results. I remain committed to facilitate that energy generated in the communities I represent. Again, thank you so much. I can be reached at Room 504, the State House, Boston, MA 02113, or 1-617-722-1572. Fax address is 1-617-722-1119, and e-mail is:

State Senator Susan C. Fargo
Third Middlesex District

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