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Friday, November 15, 2002


Carlisle police stakeout nets area thieves

Inspector Scott Barnes and Officer Richard Tornquist capped an ongoing investigation with a stakeout at the state park canoe launch last Saturday morning that led to the arrest of two individuals responsible for a series of automobile break-ins in Wakefield, Woburn and Tewksbury over the past several months.

Eric Mansfield and his wife Kelly Mansfield were arrested at North Road and the canoe launch after Barnes witnessed Mansfield break the window of an automobile parked there and remove a purse on the seat. When Barnes emerged from the woods, where he had been been hiding, the Mansfields took off and were intercepted by Tornquist, who was working with Barnes, and whose cruiser blocked the exit. Mansfield tried to ram the cruiser, but was unsuccessful. He was arrested and taken to the police station and held on $5,000 bail.

Barnes said that the success of the operation owed a lot to the quick action of dispatcher Pamela Harron who was in constant touch and who relayed their messages.

On Tuesday, November 12, Mansfield was taken to court. Kelly Mansfield was also arrested and subsequently released on $500 bail. Although the two said they were homeless, they have a Woburn address. Both were charged with the following: breaking and entering a motor vehicle with intent to commit a crime; malicious destruction of property; possession of burglarious tools; receiving stolen property (from previous acts of burglary); assault and battery on a police officer (attempting to hit Tornquist's car); uttering a forged document (using the credit cards); and forgery (signing the charge slips).

The two are believed responsible for a number of automobile break-ins in area towns. They would select a parked automobile in a park or parking lot, usually on the weekend. They would then smash the window, reach in and take a purse on the seat, and immediately use the credit cards. Carlisle had such a theft two weeks ago, and Barnes and Tornquist started making their stakeout plan at that time. It took several days and many hours of sitting, some of them cold and all of them tedious, while they waited.

Mansfield has a record and has been incarcerated for previous robberies. He has actually come to the attention of Carlisle Police twice before. He was arrested on October 10, 2000. In 1995, he and three other individuals were arrested by officer Mike Taplin for breaking and entering. He received a five-year sentence at that time.

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