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Friday, November 8, 2002


Carlisle girls field hockey has a season of growth

The field hockey program in Carlisle once again had two teams. The Varsity (2 wins, 3 ties, and 6 losses) and JV (3 wins, 2 ties, 2 losses) teams both showed a season of great growth. The offense strengthened their abilities when it came to passing and moving to open space. They were also able to become more successful in scoring goals when given the opportunity to do so. The mid-field backed each other up and became keener when it came to setting up opportunities to score on offense and clear the ball out of our defensive end. The defense remained strong all season and worked on playing defense on an angle as well as backing up their teammates.

Front row (left to right): Alison Quinn, Casey Tarca, Cori Armistead, Sarah Kennedy, Marissa Fabrizio. Second row: Coach Fantasia, Jenna Gillies, Kate Ostrowski, Caroline Casey, Eliza Jacobellis, Nikki Wortel, Julia Lyons, Sarah McMullen, Samantha Hankey. Third row: Coach Collins, Emma Lunig, Chrissy Cornish, Brittany Geoffroy, Katharine Price, Liza Faulkner, Sarah Guo, Maddy Traynor, Felisha Patel, Elise Lamoreaux. Back row: Alessandra Falcone, Megan Herman, Tess Guttadauro, Aubrey Doyle, Hope MacLeod, Erin Hassey, Stephanie Trebino, Alexandra Byer, Lauren Kirkness.
Eliza Jacobellis was the team's leading scorer. Helping out on offense with creating scoring opportunities as well as scoring goals were Cori Armistead, Tess Guttadauro, and Sarah Guo. Staying wide on the wings to provide more scoring and passing opportunities were Marissa Falcone, Julia Lyons, and Maddy Traynor. Newcomers Sarah Guo, Sarah MacMullan, and Aubrey Doyle proved to be quick learners and were able to adapt to various positions throughout the season. Hope McLeod, Nikki Wortel, Felisha Patel, Steph Trebino, and Sarah Kennedy added strength to the mid-field in the position of link, where they helped out on defense as well as offense. Defensively, Gaby Manganella, Alessandra Falcone, Alexandra Byer, Caroline Casey, Lauren LaLiberte, Emily Arnow, Megan Herman and Lauren Kirkness were the voices of the team, as they worked on keeping their angles, picking up the opposing forwards, and backing each other up. Many girls volunteered to play goalie for one or more games, showing hard work and willingness to help out their team.

The JV team had a successful season as well. Since there was only one substitute for the JV team, the girls proved to be flexible with their positions and willing to try new things. Casey Tarca, Emma Lunig, Chrissy Cornish, and Liza Faulkner were players who played goalie for games this season. Brittany Geoffroy, Katharine Price, Elise Lamoreaux, and Erin Hassey used their speed and aggressiveness on offense. Seventh graders Alison Quinn, Kate Ostrowski, and Jenna Gillies kept the pressure on the opposing teams from the mid-field. Sam Hankey could often be found on defense, using her voice to help out her teammates as well as successfully clearing the ball out of our defensive end.

The girls continued to grow over the season both as individuals with their skills and stick work as well as a team. They all show great promise for the upcoming season. We wish the best of luck to the eighth graders as they move on to high school and look forward to seeing the growth continue in all thirty-four participants in this year's program. Our attitudes and sportsmanship proved to aid our growth and kept our heads and hearts in the game. Way to go, ladies!

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