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Friday, November 8, 2002


Carlisle Huskies have a building season

This season of Huskies girls soccer has been tons of fun and all the girls have really improved. This season has been [what you might call] a building season, as it is only the second year that Carlisle has had a girls soccer team.

With not many girls on the team, each individual had to work very hard and make a major commitment to the team. After injuries and other conflicts, there were only 14 girls on the team. There were three sixth graders, Amanda Opolski, Kelsey Bradley, and Ema Woodward. Amanda played defense and would move around throughout the various defensive positions. She was very protective of the goal and made some very important plays during the season. Kelsey played every position. She was a late addition to the team, but was very important as she was extremely fast and seemed to know the game very well. Ema played forward and was a strong player there. There were also only three seventh graders on the team, Alison Mayer, played very strong all season whether she was at defensive or midfield. Nicola Carey worked hard all season at defense on the wing. Nicola improved from the beginning of the season to the end. Jennifer also played defense and was occasionally put at the striker position. She had a good attitude and worked hard.

Front row (left to right): Nicola Carey, Caitlin Brennan, Kelsey Bradley, Erika Koehlert, Katie Stack, Ema Woodward, Jen Philippou. Back row: Coach Denaro, Amanda Opolski, Joanna Bromley, Kathleeen Walsh, Lisa DeBruzzi, Emily Howe, Coach Kathryn Wessel.
The eight eighth graders were also crucial to the team. They were Lauren Lamere, Katie Stack, Kathleen Walsh, Joanna Bromley, Caitlin Brennan, Emily Howe, Erika Koenlea, and Lisa DeBruzzi. Lauren played at both midfield and striker. Her good defense and quick offense really helped the team out. Katie played an amazing season. She played one of the most important positions as sweeper. Her job was to protect the goal and was the last line of defense before the goalie. She worked hard all season. Kathleen was everywhere on the field. She was extremely important. She protected the goal and was clearing the ball constantly. Joanna played soccer for the first time this year. She really helped the team at midfield and improved so much. Caitlin was also new to the team this year. She played at the striker position and always gave the team her best. She was one of two players to score a goal. She scored in the intense game vs. Parker off a rebound shot to tie the game. Caitlin was an intense all around player.

Emily Howe was another new addition to the team. She had a very good throw-in with a strong foot at defense and was a wonderful player to have on the team. Erika Koenlea, co-captain, played an amazing season in the goal and showed great leadership, making some amazing saves and improving so much. She had a good attitude and would excel in close games. Lisa DeBruzzi, the other co-captain, played many different positions. Occasionally she would play sweeper and at other times striker. She was the other player to score a goal. She scored in our first game against the Lexington Clarke Middle School. Unfortunately, Lisa broke her toe at the end of the season and had to sit out the last five games. Coach Chris Denaro commented "Lisa proved to be a strong leader for the team for the second year in a row. She has great athletic ability and was a major asset for the team."

This team came together and created a fun season. It was difficult at times but we didn't give up. We had a great year. Good luck to the eighth graders in high school, and thank you very much to our coaches, Mr.s Denaro and Ms. Wessel, who helped us the whole way.

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