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Friday, November 8, 2002


Heard around town

Braving wind and morning temperatures in the 40s, Carlisle residents streamed into town hall at an estimated rate of 200 per hour. Despite the unseasonably cold weather, ten voters stopped to share their opinions with Mosquito reporter Anne Marie Brako on: 1. what issues determined your vote for governor and 2. your views about ballot question #2, concerning bilingual education, as well as your party enrollment. No Republicans would go on the record; only two Democrats did; but a smattering of "unenrolled" and "independent" voters were willing share their opinions with the newspaper.

Richard Goodall, Heald Road (Independent, voted for Romney)

1. "Pretty much just the debates and the way individuals handled their questions."

2. "I wanted English immersion."


Scott Henderson, Brook Street (Libertarian, voted for Romney)

1. "Taxes, to a large degree."

2. "I was in favor of removing bilingual education because it's been proven not to work for 30 years."

Dorothea Kress, East Riding Drive (Unenrolled, voted for Romney)

1. "I think it's most important to have jobs for people. There were some issues where I disagreed with that candidate, but the fact is that without jobs, we're done."

2. "I'm an ex-teacher, and I'm strongly in favor of putting kids in an immersion-English classification. We're never going to do anything for them unless we teach them English, and everything else has to happen afterwards."

Allan Bantly, Stearns Street (Unenrolled, voted for Romney)

1. "Basically his record. I think he's an honest man. I think what he did with the Olympic games is tremendous."

2. "Children learn languages very easily. Instead of hampering them, I think the immersion into English is a tremendous thing. I think it's going to be beneficial to them and to the state."

Robert Wolfson, East Street (Independent, voted for O'Brien)

1. "I would have to say personal trust of the candidate, and for that reason, I voted for Shannon O'Brien, despite the fact that I disagree with several positions that she's taken."

2. "I'm not in favor of it [bilingual education]. I do not think it works."

Laura Baliestiero, Berry Corner Lane (Democrat, voted for Romney)

1. "The thought of not raising taxes. I like the candidate I chose; he made a commitment not to raise taxes. That was important to me."

2. "I think bilingual education should be offered to everybody who needs to have that opportunity."

Marlene Fine, Acton Sreet. (Democrat, voted for O'Brien))

1. "It wasn't a campaign about a whole lot of issues! So, I ended up voting more along party lines. If I had to choose an issue on which I disagreed with a particular candidate, it would be bilingual education."

2. "I feel strongly that English immersion for all students is not appropriate, and that we ought to retain flexibility in bilingual education and that was an issue on which I think people were divided more along sort of gut instinct than really knowledge about education."

Katherine Bovey, Russell Street (Unenrolled, voted for O'Brien)

1. "The ability to get the job done."

2. "I think it [bilingual education] should be up to the particular school district."

Anne Barbour, Skelton Road (Unenrolled, voted for Romney)

1. "The issue of business. He brings a great business acumen. Frankly, I voted for him because I think it'll be interesting to see what he can do."

2. "I voted 'yes' for that because I strongly believe that people who live in a country should be assimilated as quickly as possible into that country."

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