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Friday, November 1, 2002


Shorts from the board of selectmen meeting, October 22

· Wage and classification update. Town administrator Madonna McKenzie distributed paperwork to the selectmen detailing proposed changes to the ranges for town employee salary grades 2, 3 and 4. These changes are to bring Carlisle's municipal salaries into alignment with those of similar towns in Massachusetts.

Salaries are classified into grades two through twelve, and grades 5 - 8 were realigned last year. The remaining levels are scheduled to be adjusted next year. After that, the plan is to continually realign about a third of the salary grades each year to keep Carlisle's salaries comparable, but with only small changes anticipated once the first cycle is complete.

The list of similar towns that is used for the wage and classification study includes: Boxford, Boxborough, Dover, Groton, Harvard, Lincoln, Littleton, Sherborn, Manchester-by-the-Sea, and Wenham. The selectmen asked McKenzie to calculate the impact of the proposed changes on the budget.

· Revenue enhancement committee. Finance committee (FinCom) member Lisa Jensen-Fellows said that the FinCom favored creating a committee to study ways the town might increase revenues. One focus would be user fees: suggesting changes in current fees, suggesting new fees for services currently funded by tax dollars, and considering new services that might be funded by user fees. Jensen-Fellows said, "We wouldn't want to recommend anything that was outside of the character of the town."

The board of selectmen agreed to form the ad-hoc committee, and to have it report back to them within six months. The appointed committee will consist of one representative from the selectmen, one from the FinCom, one member from the Carlisle business community, and two additional members who are town residents.

· Cell towers. The selectmen will discuss possible cell-tower sites on town-owned land at a public hearing scheduled for their next meeting, on November 12, 2002. The board will review the list of sites which have already been rejected, and the reasons why. The three locations currently being considered include: a site near the department of public works shed off Lowell Street, a site behind the fire station on the Conant Land, and a spot deeper within the Conant Land.

· Internet access. McKenzie said that the Town Hall is now sharing the T1 high-speed Internet line acquired by the school, and noted, "It's very nice."

· Resignation. The selectmen accepted the resignation of Mary Charnley from the personnel board, and expressed gratitude for her years of volunteer service to the town.

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