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Friday, November 1, 2002


Selectmen rank their top priorities

The Carlisle Board of Selectmen have developed prioritized lists of short and long-term goals, which were distributed at their October 22 meeting. The board decided to review their progress toward the goals on a quarterly basis. Selectman Tim Hult noticed that for many of the goals, the board currently has no work in progress.

Long-term goals

1. Retain empty nesters.

2. Evaluate school needs and examine alternate solutions.

3. Affordable housing.

4. Traffic issues.

5. Evaluate current structure of government and possible changes needed as the town grows.

6. Master plan update.

7. Identify the needs of the town once build-out population is reached.

8. Review fees and identify alternative revenue sources.

Short-term goals

1. Sell Carriage Way lot.

2. Coordinate with Concord to develop workable budgets.

3. Refine financial 5-year plan, and understand effects of school expansion.

4. Continue wage and classification updates for town employees.

5. Tax relief for senior citizens.

6. Help assure smooth implementation of Community Preservation Act during Carlisle's first year in the program.

7. Get a cell tower approved on town-owned land.

8. Finalize new personnel policy and bring by-law to Town Meeting for approval.

9. Hold one Town Meeting and one town election.

10. Begin planning for Carlisle's 200th birthday celebration in 2005.

11. Install high-speed Internet access in Town Hall (already accomplished)

12. Finalize the school loop plan of the proposed town pathway system.

13. Create a manual and index of town policies and procedures.

14. Resolve questions about legal uses of Town Forest land.

15. Develop a land use plan for Foss Farm.

16. Set up "tickler" reminder file for dealing with nuisance items.

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