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Friday, November 1, 2002


No comment from town as ConsCom raises fees

The conservation commission was stunned when nary a citizen nor even a developer showed up for its 8 p.m. public hearing on proposed new filing fees. The commission was prepared with a packet of charts and graphs showing the cost to the town to process the various applications required under the Massachusetts Wetland Protection Act, amounts received from the state for each filing category and finally a proposed new local schedule designed to help defray the remaining cost balance.

The new, higher rate scale was authorized by the 2002 Spring Town Meeting which voted to amend the Carlisle Wetland Protection Bylaw and gave the commission flexibility in setting cost-based charges. The aim, as explained at that time, was to bring local fees into line with actual cost to the town and with charges prevailing in surrounding towns. A subcommittee consisting of commissioner Jonathan Beakley, chair Chris Kavalauskas and conservation administrator Sylvia Willard did an hour by hour analysis of employee time required to advise applicants, visit sites, evaluate the plans submitted and finally process the paperwork.

A few additions and minor changes were made to the structure as originally proposed in the October 4 issue of the Mosquito. In the absence of any citizen input or indication of distress, the commission adopted the subcommittee report unanimously. The final version follows.

New ConsCom Fee Structure

· RDA (Request for Determination of

Applicability) - $50

· NOI (Notice of Intent)

Category 1: septic systems - $110 (In

Burlington it's $500)

Category 2: single family dwellings


Category 3: commercial multi-dwelling

sites - $500 + $2 per linear foot of

drive within the buffer zone, up to


Category 4: any of the above that

include serious wetland disturbance

features — $500 + 25 cents per

sq.ft. of wetland disturbance

Category 6: (Abbreviated Notice of

Resource Area Disturbance) — 50

cents per foot of wetland boundary


· Amendments to original Order of

Conditions - $50

· Extension permits -$75

· Certificate of Compliance — free if

registered within three years; $75


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