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Friday, November 1, 2002


Lovejoy offers second CR on West Street property

The town will owe another round of applause to Rev. Janet Lovejoy and her family who are currently completing Phase II of their announced plan to place approximately 70 acres of pre-dominantly forested upland under permanent conservation restriction (CR). This second legal round is adding 35 acres located between West Street and Heald Road to the 22 acres similarly sheltered two years ago.

The conservation commission received the good news at its October 24 meeting, when conservation restriction advisory committee (CRAC) chair David Kelch presented Ray Lyons, attorney for the New England Forestry Foundation, which will hold the CR under a registered deed directive. The nationally recognized environmental non-profit organization will continue to manage the forest as it has since 1972. Members of the conservation commission who have hiked the forest paths describe it as "absolutely magnificent - a prime example of what active forest management can achieve."

"In the best interests of the town"

Kelch said that the land gifted in Phase II not only extends the environmentally rich wildlife corridor off West Street, but also protects a large wetland that serves as a valuable water recharge resource for the area. To the surprise of none of his audience, Kelch recommended that the commission declare the restriction to be "in the best interests of the town," and conservation administrator Sylvia Willard noted that the Lovejoy property has been number one on the town's official list of open space properties it would like to see acquired or privately preserved.

The commission in turn voted to recommend acceptance of the CR to the board of selectmen, a legal requirement reflecting the fact that the CR would have an effect on the tax assessment. Final approval will come from the Executive Office of the Secretary of Environmental Affairs.

Possible Phase III

Lyons told the commission that an anticipated Phase III of the grant is awaiting a final decision as to which of the five remaining lots, including the present residence, will be reserved for Lovejoy's daughters. He will address the selectmen at their next meeting.

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