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Friday, November 1, 2002


Sale of Carriage Way lot nets $414K for town

The long-awaited sale of the town-owned Carriage Way parcel has been finalized, netting Carlisle $413,872.59 after legal costs. This was accomplished through the cooperative efforts of Vivian Chaput and the board of selectmen, town administrator Madonna McKenzie, and local developer Bill Costello.

The initial plan was brought to the Annual Town Meeting in May 2, 2000. At that time the town authorized the purchase of two parcels of land from Costello for $50,000. The two parcels were unique in that they abutted a landlocked parcel already owned by the town. The landlocked parcel was acquired, at no cost to the town, by reason of prior owners' non-payment of taxes. The three parcels were then combined to form one high value buildable lot in the Carriage Way development.

The May 2, 2000 Annual Town Meeting also authorized the board of selectmen to dispose of the three parcels of land and place the balance of the proceeds (after payment of the $50,000 and any legal fees incurred) in the stabilization fund. The three parcels were combined to form Lot #10 Carriage Way and offered for sale by the town for a minimum price of $475,000. In September 2001 the town received one bid for the parcel from Bill Costello for the minimum price of $475,000.

Last week, the town received the final payment for the land resulting in a total of $413,872.59 being placed into the stabilization fund.

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