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Friday, November 1, 2002


Town ballot box has interesting features

· Each ballot is validated with a printed strip and the words TOWN OF CARLISLE.

· If two ballots are put in at once, only the top ballot is validated.

· Once a ballot has been inserted, it cannot be pulled back out.

· The ballot box records each ballot as it is cranked in and displays the number at the front of the box.

· Only when a ballot has been cranked in will the register record and the bell ring. If no ballot is inserted, the handle may be turned, but nothing will happen.

· If the handle is reversed, it will unscrew and fall off. The machine cannot be reversed.

· There are three locked doors on the box; one at the top for the ballot slot, one on the top of the box to gain access to the mechanism for service and to reset the register, and one on the large door at the side for the removal of the ballots. There is a different key for each lock.

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