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Friday, November 1, 2002


Carlisle resident was a volunteer in the Wellstone campaign

The Mosquito contacted Meg Ansara, a resident of Lowell Street and a recent graduate of Oberlin College in Ohio who, we were told, had traveled to Minnesota after the primary election here in Massachusetts to work on the Paul Wellstone senate campaign. On Tuesday she e-mailed us the following response—

I apologize for missing your deadline to provide you with some information on Paul Wellstone. I kept meaning to call or e-mail you yesterday, however it has been so hectic and my mind is definitely elsewhere. We all have so many memorial services to go to, and we're all planning for the large public memorial service this evening.

So these past couple of days have been a whirlwind. Having grown up hearing stories about the Wellstones and all that they have done, it was not difficult for me to decide to come out to Minnesota after the campaign that I was working on in Massachusetts lost in the primary.

It was an amazing experience to work for the Wellstones and I'm so honored that I had an opportunity to do so, even if for such a short while. They were so kind and warm, and just generally fun to be around. Both Paul and Sheila always made a point to make sure that I called them by their first names and that they were so grateful for my help and the fact that I had come all the way out to help on the campaign.

The race was a close one and we were all working around the clock. I was helping to do advance work for the campaign and so even though I've only been out here three weeks or so, I spent a lot of time with both Paul and Sheila on the road, preparing events for them. Paul was definitely not your typical candidate and so you had to make things look good, but not too good. But every time I saw him speak, I was so inspired. Here was a man who was really speaking and fighting on behalf of so many people.

I had spent several days on the road with the Wellstones preceding the crash. The day before I had spent the entire day with Sheila and her aide Mary, who was also in the plane. And I was waiting for them in Duluth when they crashed. It has been so devastating to lose people who were so wonderful and so important to this country. The grief feels immense.

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