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Friday, October 25, 2002


Do you recognize this rock? Granite, (that's not a typo — it's a hint) there are countless rocks in Carlisle, but this one has a special significance. Do you know where it is (it was moved to its current home by DPW crews) and why it is special to the residents of Carlisle? Write to us and we'll print your responses in a future edition of the Mosquito. ...more

The joke about how to get to Carnegie Hall is an old one: practice, practice, practice. South Street resident Richard Bissell found an even more straightforward route to Symphony Hall in Boston: try out. A tax accountant by day who has loved singing ever since childhood, Bissell says he is now living a dream come true as a member of one of the country's most ...more

Last year, the fun of Halloween seemed a bit frivolous in the wake of the tragedy of September 11. Celebrations were muted, even half-hearted, and more or less concentrated on the very young. Halloween has long been a controversial holiday because of its associations with the dark, scary undersides of our nature, but at the same time it's worth remembering ...more

Halloween was fun in the good old days

The following is from the October 19, 1977 Mosquito
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Clark remember hay rides and scavenger hunts. There was nothing mischievous; if the "least thing that was wrong" came to a parent's attention, a sadder and wiser child would surely hear of it. ...more

Name: Lycogala epidendrum or Wolf's Milk Slime or Toothpaste Slime. ...more

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