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Friday, October 25, 2002


Town receives $215K in CPA matching funds

In a bit of welcome financial news, Carlisle has received $214,533 in FY02 Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds from the state, matching 100% of the CPA funds collected by the town by June 30, 2002. This brings the town's CPA fund to approximately $430,000 in its first year.

In March 2001, the town voted to join the Community Preservation Act and levy a 2% surcharge on real estate taxes to be spent as follows: 10% for open space, 10% for historic preservation, 10% for community housing, and 70% to be spent according to the recommendation of the Carlisle Community Preservation Committee (CPC). Funds do not need to be spent in the year they are gathered and the CPC has not recommended any expenditures at this time.

On October 15 the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) distributed a total of $17,854,420 to 15 municipalities that adopted the CPA in 2001, its inaugural year. The state funds come from Registry of Deeds and Land Court fees that are deposited into a statewide Community Preservation Trust Fund. State matching funds are distributed to participating communities every October 15.

Since the CPA was created by a vote of the legislature two years ago, 51 cities and towns have adopted it. The state expects to be able to provide a 100% match for locally raised funds again next year.

Other towns have already earmarked their CPA funds for specific projects. Bedford has approved a $1.6 million project to restore the old Town Hall. Chelmsford plans to target $10,000 to restore a long-neglected cemetery that dates back to 1841. Dracut is targeting $960,000 in CPA funds to purchase a 45-acre parcel that will link 300 acres of greenery. Hopkinton plans to create affordable housing by moving a donated house to town-owned land.

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