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Friday, October 25, 2002


Halloween was fun in the good old days

The following is from the October 19, 1977 Mosquito

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Clark remember hay rides and scavenger hunts. There was nothing mischievous; if the "least thing that was wrong" came to a parent's attention, a sadder and wiser child would surely hear of it.

There were no real tricks, but there were scary things. A favorite was a chicken foot on a wire. Halloween was fun for adults, too. Mrs. Walter Woodward remembers adult Halloween parties, where people dressed up, dunked or jumped for apples and played games as a group. They were simple games that caused a great deal of the ladies to take off a shoe; the shoes were then passed around the circle and it was up to each husband to recognize his wife's, which didn't always happen. Often the church hall was open for a Halloween party. It was a time for those who knew each other well, old and young, to have fun together.

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