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Friday, October 25, 2002


Where in Carlisle?

photo by Rik Pierce
Do you recognize this rock? Granite, (that's not a typo — it's a hint) there are countless rocks in Carlisle, but this one has a special significance. Do you know where it is (it was moved to its current home by DPW crews) and why it is special to the residents of Carlisle? Write to us and we'll print your responses in a future edition of the Mosquito.

Here's how to get your contribution to us: send it to The Carlisle Mosquito, Box 616, Carlisle, MA 01741; drop it off at the Daisy's drop box or the Mosquito office (872 Westford Street); fax it to us at 1-978-369-3569 or e-mail us at Please include your name so we can appropriately recognize your knowledge of Carlisle trivia!

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