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Friday, October 18, 2002

DRESSING UP THE FRONT LAWN. Workmen put the finishing touches on the newly landscaped front lawn of the Gleason Public Library. (Photo by Lois d'Annunzio)

"When we came here, I could see clear down to what was then the Towle place, but it has since been shut off by growth, by various kinds of trees. We could see the lights of the Prudential and John Hancock in Boston from our porch." ...more

Rising land values prompt reassessment


Land assessments are up approximately 20% this year and tax bills, due to arrive on Monday, will reflect the steady rise in land values in Carlisle. For many homes in town, the land portion of property assessments is undervalued and does not reflect the current market value of properties, said Carlisle Principal Assessor John Speidel. ...more

An audience of three dozen people listened to Sprint PCS representatives present the results of their cell tower testing at the October 8 selectmen's meeting. The tests were done near the Carlisle Department of Public Works (DPW) shed, off Lowell Street, using an antenna lifted by a crane to heights of 100 and 150 feet. Sprint engineer Nooshin Zarien displayed maps of Carlisle showing how Sprint's cell phone reception would improve, with the higher tower providing the biggest improvement. ...more

Absentee ballots now available

Registered voters who will not be able to vote at the polls in the state election on Tuesday, November 5, can obtain absentee ballots at the town clerk's office. Citizens can vote at the office from now until Monday, November 4 at noon.

For those who need ballots mailed, application forms may be requested in person or by a family member.

The town clerk's office is located in the Town Hall on Westford Street. Hours are 9-3 on weekdays, except Wednesday.

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