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Friday, October 18, 2002


School news from the 1970s

Elementary School studies elections

In the spirit of election time, the school has temporarily put aside its Egyptian Social Studies unit and taken up a study of elections. This will culminate in the elementary school "Election Day" coordinated by the 4th grade, in which each student in grades 1-4 will "register" and vote for one of the presidential candidates.

Kindergarten debate

A petition by 19 Carlisle parents was read to the school committee at their March meeting. The parents requested that there be two morning kindergarten sessions for the fall of 1976 with two half-time teachers instead of one morning and one afternoon session.

Varied activities offered at Middle School

The midyear change in the Activities Program took place. The following list of activities are being offered: Drama Club, Silent Study, Table Tennis, Rap Session, Chamber Music, Chorus, Media Club, Mechanical Drawing, Environmental Club, Arts and Crafts, Science Projects and Math Club.

Minute Man Tech accepts first students in 1974

Principal Brinkman reports that nine applications have been made for Carlisle's eight places at the Minute Man Vocational High School. Two may be selected by the school, the others will be chosen by lottery. All of the applicants but one are boys. Concord reports that about half its applicants are girls. Seven of Carlisle's applicants are present ninth graders willing to repeat a year in order to attend.

The eight students from Carlisle have been accepted to attend Minuteman Vocational Tech when it opens its doors for the first time in September, 1974. They are John Meade, Steven Wegener, Daniel Moseley, Steven Burak, Tim Blakely, Richard Culkins, Gary Culkins and Jeanie Callahan. Another drawing of students on the waiting list will take place soon to fill quotas not filled by other towns in the Minute Man region.

1974 cooking & sewing classes

The members of the Carlisle School cooking and sewing classes provided the entertainment and the refreshments for the Volunteer Tea. The people in attendance were very impressed with the skill and hard work demonstrated by the girls in modeling the clothing they had made.

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