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Friday, October 11, 2002

Class of 2005 thanks all who supported their Spaghetti Supper

To the Editor:

On behalf of the Class of 2005 we want to say a heartfelt "thank you" to the townspeople of Carlisle for their support of the Spaghetti Supper. It was wonderful to see so many people willing to wait even when the line stretched practically back to the street, to enjoy a spaghetti supper with friends and neighbors to support this year's sixth graders as they begin their journey through middle school. A big "thank you" to all those businesses and individuals who donated supplies and raffle prizes. We hope that Carlisleans will patronize these businesses which have given their support to our town events. Last but not least, the Class of 2005 would like to thank all their parents who worked so hard to make this year's Spaghetti Supper a great success!

Diane McGrory,
Jennifer LaLiberte
and Karen Verrill
co-chairs of the Class of 2005 Spaghetti Supper

Spaghetti Supper donors thanked

To the Editor:

The Carlisle sixth-grade class would like to thank the following businesses, families and individuals who contributed products, gift certificates or funds to help us make the 2002 spaghetti supper the most successful ever. A special thank you goes to Mahoney's Garden Center for their continued very generous support.

Thank you to the following companies who have made major contributions over many years: Pastene Company, Daisy's Market, Piantedosi Baking Company, Starbucks, and Welch's. We also thank our other contributors: Alphagraphics, Alpine Butchers, Donelan's, Bread & Circus, and David Negrin.

This year we had a two-tier raffle and wish to thank the following people and businesses for their generous donations.

For the Golden raffle: the Bero family, Bjornson family, Bill Cornish, Drinkwater family, Herman family and the McGrory family.

For the Traditional raffle: Carlisle Repair, Carlisle Recreation, Quilters Way, McCandless Family, Laliberte family, Alcott House, Open Market, Patty Geoffroy, Quilters Way, Brine Sporting Goods (Concord), Bill Crosby, Karen Verrill, Grasshopper shop (Concord), On the Mat Yoga, Metivier Landscaping, Carlisle Repair, Cornish Family, Artistic Framer, Lifestyle Limo, 3 Trolls Games & Puzzles, Concord Country Club, Circle Furniture, World Gym in Chelmsford, Palmuccis in Concord, Portside Wine, Bedford Video, Polar Pals, Westford Racquet Club, Hairport, Mary Roberts, 99 Restaurant, Video Signals, Organic Lifestyle, Tobin Family, Kimball's, Scribbles by Shibels, Pearlman Family, Officer Barnes, Curves (West Concord), CSA, Davin Family, Judy Fowler-Seifert, Duffy Family, Richards Sauce, Peg Opolski & Angel-Devil Productions, Stacey Manganella, Concord Lumber, Anderson Photo, Trade Secret Gardens, Daisy's Market, Carlisle Auto Body, Dance for Joy, Blanchette Gardens, Seawright Daylilly Gardens, Sheer Madness, Peter Carmichael, Jabberwocky in Chelmsford, Holiday Treasures in Chelmsford, Minor Chord in Acton

Yona B. Carmichael, Publicity Committee
Class of 2005 6th grade Spaghetti Supper
94 Laurelwood Drive

Squirrel hunt — can the baby squirrels be saved?

To the Editor:

Two weeks ago two squirrels were killed on the Carlisle Castle because there was a possibility of rabies. That same week two baby squirrels were found by Jessica Li (a student) and then saved by Mrs. Valery (a recess teacher). Six fifth graders are helping to collect acorns during their recess time for the squirrels to eat. Now only one squirrel remains on the castle. It is our hope that this squirrel either moves off the school grounds or is rescued by Mrs. Valery to avoid being killed. We are also hoping to find the mother of the babies or a squirrel who will parent them.

Caroline Howe
Caroline Materne
Carlisle fifth graders

Practice mindful nonviolence

To the Editor:

Today I am confident, even at my age, that I retain both the physical strength and ability to harm another person, yet I am also aware of a greater strength. This is the choice to do no harm. This greater strength, for me, comes from a practice of two "arts." One is a martial art and the other a religious one.

A martial art first teaches you how to achieve the physical ability to protect yourself using both your opponent's strength as well as your own to terminate an aggression. Once you learn the skills and have the capacity to do harm, you are then taught to avoid the need to use them. What I find exciting about this teaching is knowing that the choice is mine to make.

The religious art is that of practicing respect for all life or in other words to lose the desire to do harm. All the religions that I know of attempt to do this; however, very few appear to teach how to acquire this ability. Commandments like thou shall not kill or the telling of stories like that of the Good Samaritan are examples of respecting and honoring life, but they do not provide a daily practice that enables one to internalize the idea. Buddhists, as part of their practice, generally choose to do no harm to any living creature. Their philosophy is to kill only plant life so that they may eat and sustain their existence. Through this daily practice and commitment they strengthen their respect for all life.

I invite you to practice with me for one day (Sunday, October 13) in making the choice to not harm another person in either word or deed and to kill nothing that you choose not to eat. See for yourself if this does not require greater strength. I also invite you to come and share both your experience and your thoughts with the group (Men Against Domestic Abuse and Control) of which I am a member. The meeting is held on October 17, 6:30 p.m. at the Carlisle Unitarian Church.

T. Dunkers
East Street

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