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Friday, October 11, 2002


The tail of the squirrels

The Mosquito asked investigative reporter Cynthia Sorn to check out rumors of man-eating squirrels on the school playground.

"A couple of weeks ago a baby squirrel was injured on the playground," recalled Peg Lynch, secretary to the Carlisle School superintendent, when asked about the rumor of a squirrel invasion. It is believed the squirrel scratched a child on her leg, after she stepped on the baby squirrel's tail. The squirrel was disposed of in a humane manner. The child was kept.

Another baby squirrel was reported in the same area, so a Have-A-Heart trap was placed in the baby squirrel's last known neighborhood. The area was cordoned off. A baby squirrel (or two; the number was neither confirmed nor denied) was trapped and released, but no details were available. It appears the parties involved do not wish to be associated with any release of animals, as it is illegal to release wild animals in a new location. (Don't ask, don't tell). The squirrel or squirrels were all healthy, and no illnesses were reported in animals or children.

"The board of health doesn't even bother to check when it's a squirrel," noted Lynch, "because there haven't been any cases of rabies in squirrels."

"What squirrels?" asked board of health agent Linda Fantasia, when questioned about the "squirrel situation." This ended the squirrel investigation.

See also letter to the editor on page 10.

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