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Friday, October 4, 2002


Carlisle's Board of Selectmen discussed a proposed drug and alcohol policy for those town employees who, as part of their job, operate motor vehicles requiring a commercial driver's license. At the September 24 meeting of the board, town administrator Madonna McKenzie said that insurance companies require towns to have such policies, and the proposed document would match what is currently used by other towns. McKenzie will double-check that the document does not conflict with current state department of transportation or federal regulations which also mandate drug and alcohol testing. ...more

An enthusiastic dam consultant from Stevens Associates Consulting Engineers unveiled preliminary plans for renovation of the deteriorating dam on the town's Greenough Conservation Land at the conservation commission's September 19 meeting. Repair of the 70-year-old, man-made structure was found to be necessary by experts from the state's Department of Environmental Management in October 2000, and the 2001 Town Meeting authorized hiring of a dam engineering specialist to come up with plans and cost estimates for the project. ...more

At their September 24 meeting, the Carlisle Board of Selectmen discussed how best to search for a replacement for fire chief Bob Koning, who will be retiring January 1. They felt Koning's job leading an on-call fire department was complex and not fully understood by the selectmen. Town administrator Madonna McKenzie had spoken with Koning who said that usually in smaller towns someone is promoted from within the department. He added that often a group of fire chiefs from other towns is brought in to help interview and test candidates. These tests would be more technical than the questions asked by the search committee, who would then interview the finalists recommended by the fire chiefs. ...more

On September 24 the Carlisle Selectmen and Planning Board held a joint meeting, which included a discussion of the merits of long-term planning. In particular, the planning board recommended that the town apply for up to $30,000 in state funding offered to towns writing community development plans. The grant program is part of Executive Order 418, which encourages towns to create the plans to "identify locations for new housing opportunities while still preserving the unique character of their communities." Another component of the plans is a study of the town's transportation infrastructure. ...more

At the September 12 MAGIC (Minuteman Area Group for Interlocal Coordination) meeting, members previewed a revolutionary new digital imagery and software system that is being made available to all communities in the Commonwealth through the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC). Communities in the Merrimac Valley area that procured the technology independently make it sound better than the proverbial sliced bread insofar as it provides data for a wide variety of community needs, including assessors, planners, engineers, conservation commissions, first responders and town decision-makers. Best of all, the software is free, and costs to the town are for updating, expanding and technical training sessions. It is a Windows program, and community services, such as fire and police, can access critical information instantly on a laptop. One town that has laptops in its cruisers has installed the system, free. ...more

Replanting along River Road. Joseph Campagna of Bedford Road has been asked to replace trees removed in violation of the town's scenic road bylaw. The trees in question were removed from the triangle of land between Bedford Road and River Road during November of 2001. River Road is designated as a scenic road and tree-removal within the protected 50-foot swath, roughly 25 feet each side of the center of the road, requires prior written permission from the planning board. ...more

After enjoying a quiet summer of living on a dead-end street, many residents of Maple Street would be very pleased if the culvert which collapsed in May were left as is. They will be disappointed to hear that plans for repairing the culvert and roadway are nearing completion. DPW super-intendent Gary Davis offers the optimistic estimate that the repair work could be completed by the middle of November. The work will be paid for with state Chapter 90 funds. ...more

The Carlisle Conservation Commission (ConsCom) has drafted a substantially higher schedule of fees for processing individual and commercial filings required under the Massachusetts Wetland Protection Act (WPA). One or more of these applications is mandatory whenever construction or site disturbance is planned within the 100-foot buffer zone that surrounds wetland resource areas, and in Carlisle, this means it can affect many of us. ...more

Volunteers recognized. Super-intendent Gene Thayer recognized the volunteer services of Bruce Mueller and Robin Cicchetti for their contribution to the summer literacy classes. ...more

Concord-Carlisle Adult and Community Education is offering several courses this semester led by Carlisle career management consultant and counselor, John Mattson. Mattson brings his professional insights into personality as well as a variety of diagnostic tests to help class participants deal with the challenges of life, work and relationships. These classes will be held at Concord-Carlisle High School. ...more

Concord's successful restorative justice program is expanding to Carlisle. The program offers an alternative to the court system through which the young offender is helped, through meetings with the person harmed, to repair that harm. The damaged is addressed in a restorative circle, rather than by the court system. The Concord program has been in successful operation for three years, and was developed at the suggestion of police chief Len Wetherbee. At his suggestion, the Concord group and the beginning Carlisle group are going to use the restorative justice model with persons charged with underage drinking. ...more

As part of the superintendent search process for the Concord and Concord-Carlisle Regional School systems, the following focus groups have been scheduled: ...more

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