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Friday, October 4, 2002


Restorative justice program comes to Carlisle

Concord's successful restorative justice program is expanding to Carlisle. The program offers an alternative to the court system through which the young offender is helped, through meetings with the person harmed, to repair that harm. The damaged is addressed in a restorative circle, rather than by the court system. The Concord program has been in successful operation for three years, and was developed at the suggestion of police chief Len Wetherbee. At his suggestion, the Concord group and the beginning Carlisle group are going to use the restorative justice model with persons charged with underage drinking.

The Carlisle group held an organizational meeting on September 17. The meeting was basically an informational session, organized by two persons who have been participating in the Concord program, Kathy Rubenstein and Betsy Maloney. Maloney announced two training workshops for Carlisle volunteers, the first on October 4 and 5 and the second on October 25 and 26. In the second session, participants will explore their own values about substance abuse. People who wished to volunteer but could not make the scheduled training sessions were promised that they would be included in the next round of training. Chief David Galvin of the Carlisle Police will be a part of the Carlisle group and supports the restorative justice effort.

Persons interested in the program or seeking more information about it may call Kathy Rubenstein at 1-978-369-6947.

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