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Friday, October 4, 2002


Shorts from the RSC, September 24

Volunteers recognized. Super-intendent Gene Thayer recognized the volunteer services of Bruce Mueller and Robin Cicchetti for their contribution to the summer literacy classes.

Collective bargaining agent. After a brief discussion, the Concord Public School Committee and the Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee voted to engage the services of attorney Peter Ebb as a collective bargaining agent.

MCAS presentation. Assistant superintendent Nadine Brinkley presented a comprehensive overview of the MCAS scores for the Concord Schools and the Concord-Carlisle High School. "The MCAS percentages were well above the state averages" for the Concord-Carlisle School system, she explained. Committee member Lauren Walters, focusing on the students that scored in the "needs improvement" and "warning" categories, asked Brinkley how the needs of those students were being met. "We are attacking it in many ways," she answered. An hour of math is now mandatory every day, and extensive tutoring is offered to those students who need to improve their scores. Committee member Michael Fitzgerald wondered if the MCAS has had an impact on the schools, asking if the test has brought improvement to the schools. "The MCAS is just one indicator of how our students are doing," she said. Thayer agreed, saying the tests gave state schools a framework to follow, and an organized course of study. "I think it's been good for Massachusetts," he commented, "but I still have a problem with it being an indicator for graduation."

Superintendent search. Focus groups have been set up to discuss the superintendent search. Walters brought a motion to allow the teachers' union to appoint additional teachers to the search committee. After discussion, the motion did not pass. However, RSC chair Betsy Bilodeau pointed out that additional candidates for the search committee were needed.

Next meeting. The next Regional School Committee meeting will be Tuesday, October 29.

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