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Friday, October 4, 2002


Maple Street to be repaired
Most residents are not delighted

After enjoying a quiet summer of living on a dead-end street, many residents of Maple Street would be very pleased if the culvert which collapsed in May were left as is. They will be disappointed to hear that plans for repairing the culvert and roadway are nearing completion. DPW super-intendent Gary Davis offers the optimistic estimate that the repair work could be completed by the middle of November. The work will be paid for with state Chapter 90 funds.

A large hole has appeared over the culvert on Maple Street. A portion of the roadway collapsed last May and the street has been closed to traffic. (Photo by Midge Eliassen)
Last May, a culvert carrying run-off from Pages Brook collapsed without warning, causing the roadway to cave in. In the intervening months the area has continued to erode. The section of Maple Street has been closed to vehicle traffic, but is still passable on foot.

Engineering plans, currently being prepared by Land Tech Consultants, Inc. of Westford, will first need to be presented to the Carlisle Conservation Commission. ConsCom administrator Sylvia Willard has scheduled a public hearing on the plans at the commission's meeting on October 24. If the commissioners feel that any revisions or additional information are needed, the hearing may be continued to their November 7 meeting.

Project timetable

Barricades on Maple Street have been up since May. (from the photo file of Midge Eliassen
The project faces a number of additional steps which can affect the timetable. Once the ConsCom gives its approval, issuing an order of conditions, there will be a 10-day appeal period. "You usually know if there is going to be an appeal," said Willard. "People come to the hearing or meet with me or Gary [Davis]." The board of selectmen then needs to approve use of Chapter 90 funds before the project can go out to bid.

Even with delays, Davis believes the road can be reopened for use before winter weather sets in. On the average, says Davis, the final hardtop can be laid down until the end of December. However, the roadway should be usable even if final paving needs to wait until spring.

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