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Friday, October 4, 2002


Shorts from the selectmen, September 24

Replanting along River Road. Joseph Campagna of Bedford Road has been asked to replace trees removed in violation of the town's scenic road bylaw. The trees in question were removed from the triangle of land between Bedford Road and River Road during November of 2001. River Road is designated as a scenic road and tree-removal within the protected 50-foot swath, roughly 25 feet each side of the center of the road, requires prior written permission from the planning board.

Town administrator Madonna McKenzie said she had notified Campagna both by phone and by mail that he needed to locate his property lines and bring a tree-planting plan before the board, so that replanting can take place during October. She had not received a response, and the board agreed to send a registered letter. If there is no response to that, the board agreed to involve legal counsel.

RAN authorized. The selectmen authorized a Revenue Anticipation Note (RAN) for one million dollars. The short-term borrowing will be for 53 days, at an interest rate of 1.74%. Town Treasurer Ann Vandal explained that this money will cover the town's expenses until mid-November, when anticipated state aid and tax payments should be available.

Carriage Way. After many delays, the town is set to complete the sale of the Carriage Way lot to William Costello. Selectmen signed the quitclaim deed at the meeting. The closing is expected within a few weeks. After legal costs, the town expects to receive about $400,000 for the sale, which will be added to the town's stabilization fund.

Town administrator salary raised $3,000. The selectmen voted to raise the salary of the town administrator, Madonna McKenzie, by 4.6%, from $65,000 to $68,000 per year. The money to fund the raise is already included in the budget. This did not include any merit raise, which would not be considered until McKenzie's yearly performance review was completed.

Financial audit group formed. The selectmen voted to create an ad-hoc audit group to review financial documents before they are submitted to the state. The group would not hold regular meetings, but would help review documents as needed. Town administrator Madonna McKenzie said that Carlisle's outside auditor had recommended more formalized double-checking as the town grows. The group will include a selectman, a member of the finance committee, McKenzie, and perhaps a member of the board of assessors. Selectmen chair Doug Stevenson asked McKenzie to make a list of which financial documents the group should review. Suggested items included the recap and free cash sheets, as well as bond documents.

New tennis courts. Recreation commission chair Maureen Tarca briefly described the commission's goal to build four tennis courts on the Banta-Davis Land. The board asked to see more information and for confirmation by the school building committee that the proposed tennis courts would not be built on land needed by the school.

Cell tower testing. At the October 8 meeting of the Carlisle Board of Selectmen, a representative from the Sprint Corporation will discuss the results of the signal test performed at the DPW site off Lowell Street. Sprint is interested in building a cell tower in Carlisle, and the testing was to determine how a tower at the DPW site would affect their signal strength throughout town.

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