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Friday, September 27, 2002


The Friends of the Carlisle Council on Aging held its annual meeting at the Captain Samuel Heald Homestead on Concord Street on Thursday, September 19. Approximately 45 residents and friends of Carlisle were able to view the collection of over 2,400 artifacts of the Carlisle Historical Society and the Town Historical Collection displayed both downstairs and upstairs in the Heald Homestead. Larry Sorli and Charlie Forsberg from the Historical Society were available to answer questions about the interesting displays of the dental tools of Dr. Austin Marsh who practiced in town and the Native American stone tools found in Carlisle. There are relics from the Civil War collected by W. Irving Heald. Also on view is the melodeon originally purchased by the First Religious Society in 1854. It was kept in the home of Timothy Wilkins who brought it to church each Sunday. Cooking implements from the 19th century, samplers and portraits are all part of this very interesting display of Carlisle history. ...more

As the Mosquito celebrates its 30th anniversary, we thought our readers would be interested to learn how we operate as a unique, independent, non-profit newspaper, compared with the newspapers of neighboring towns. ...more

The Killdeer, Charadrius vociferus, has long been one my favorite birds, although I'm not sure why. It might be because, when I was a boy, I remember finding a nest between the ties of a railroad track and was amazed that a bird would put a nest in such a hazardous place. Killdeers are easy to identify, since both their appearance and calls are distinctive. The adult bird (the two sexes look very similar) has two dark bands on the upper breast, a unique field mark. The plaintive "kill-deer, kill-deer" call is given frequently either in flight or on the ground. ...more

Have you seen this sign on the side of a barn in Carlisle? Do you know what is meant by "tattooed poultry?" Or ­ perhaps even better ­ can you come up with a creative story about what it could mean? Write to us and tell us where it is (if you know), and the story (real or imaginary) behind it. We'll print your responses ­ along with the true story in the October 4 edition of the Mosquito. ...more

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