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Friday, September 27, 2002


Neighbors appeal Acton subdivision

Concerned about increased traffic and the impact on water quality, five Carlisle and Acton neighbors have filed an appeal of the Acton Planning Board's approval of the 90-home subdivision along Carlisle's western boundary.

The court action, filed last week, also challenges a condition set by the Acton Planning Board which requires the developer to secure public access for pedestrians, bicycles, and emergency and municipal vehicles across a small lot owned by the developers in Carlisle. In a separate court action the developers are also appealing the public access requirement. The parcel of land in question is currently protected by a covenant which states that "no landshall be used as a way giving access to or near [the Carlisle] boundary unless and until any such way shall have been approved by the Planning Board of Carlisle, Massachusetts."

The plaintiffs in the neighbors suit are Carlisle residents Ed Sonn and Enio Velazco of Woodland Road, Kris Bhavnani and David Trask of Log Hill Road, and Dian C. Pekin of Acton.

According to Sonn, the access issue is likely to be resolved as the developers "don't need Carlisle access to build homes." The subdivision already has access through Carlisle Road and Blueberry Path in Acton. (See subdivision plan in the August 16 issue of the Mosquito.) However, the neighbors hope for a reduced number of lots.

Sonn also expects the Acton Conservation Commission to look again at groundwater issues resulting from 90 septic systems and the assumption that each house will have an average of 3 occupants. The next meeting of the Acton ConsCom will be next Wednesday, October 2, at 8:30 p.m.

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