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Friday, September 20, 2002


The feasibility of shifting more of the tax burden to commercial properties was explored at the September 10 Carlisle Board of Selectmen meeting, but the final decision was to keep the residential and commercial tax rates the same. ...more

While the turnout for the primary election on Tuesday was dismal state-wide, election officials here in Carlisle were overjoyed with the number of citizens, 1,229, who took the time to vote at Town Hall. There are 3,274 registered voters in Carlisle, 37.5% of whom voted. This compares favorably with the 28.4% who voted in the primary four years ago. ...more

At their September 10 meeting the Carlisle Board of Selectmen reluctantly accepted Robert J. ("Bob") Koning's resignation as fire chief and director of civil defense, effective January 1, 2003. ...more

· Dates set. The 2003 annual Town Meeting was set for Monday, May 5, at 7 p.m. The date for town elections was set for Tuesday, May 13. ...more

Thanks to the fundraising efforts of the Carlisle Education Foundation (CEF), which ran a letter campaign and received funds from a carnival run by students, some programs and manpower that were lost from the Carlisle School budget due to the failure of the spring override have been restored. A total CEF grant of $82,000 allows the school library to open full time and restores a teacher's aide for the seventh grade, a permanent substitute, an elementary reading tutor, and the stipends to allow student council, math league, and yearbook to go forward. In addition, a grant from the Carlisle School Association (CSA) has restored the student choruses. ...more

On September 9, students in grades two through seven met Ludwig Von Beethoven. Actor Dennis Kobray (pictured above) kept his audience spellbound throughout his performance as he described Beethoven's life, passions, and struggles, while playing selections of Beethoven's music on his keyboard. At the end when Kobray removed his "Beethoven wig," gasps were heard as the children were reminded they were not seeing the real Beethoven. The assemblies were presented through the support of the Cultural Enrichment Committee of the CSA. ...more

The first step in a process to clear the way for development of a 14.3-acre site abutting the Carlisle Conservation Foundation (CCF) Spencer Brook Reservation brought out a delegation of apprehensive neighbors at the Carlisle Conservation Commission's (ConsCom's) September 12 meeting. The reason for their concern was the applicant's request that ConsCom verify an engineer's characterization and delineation of the extensive wetland features on and adjacent to the property. ...more

Woodland Road resident Ed Sonn told the Mosquito that a group of Carlisle and Acton residents had met Monday's deadline to appeal the Acton Planning Board's decision to permit the proposed Robbins Mills Estates subdivision. The proposed development includes 90 five-bedroom houses, and would be located at the western edge of Carlisle. Sonn said that the wording of the appeal did not go into many specifics. However, concerns that have been raised by Carlisle residents include access over Carlisle land, increased traffic congestion, preserving a wildlife corridor, and preserving water quality. (For more information, see "Acton rejects alternative plan" in the September 13 Mosquito.) ...more

· Great Brook Farm State Park. Park superintendent Ray Faucher reported the collapse of a bridge on the Woodchuck Trail, "one that I have been trying to get replaced since 1995." He explained that two other bridges in the affected area near the cabin can't take the weight required to permit access for fire suppression equipment; hence his request for an emergency certificate to permit replacement activity to commence immediately. Admitting that the old bridge had already been cleared out in preparation, Faucher said all that will be required is to set 12 by 14 foot concrete blocks in place and use heavy ACQ lumber to span the stream. Heavy equipment with big rubber tires will be forced to ford the stream twice, but there should be no further disturbance of the stream's banks. The commission issued the emergency permit co-signed by building inspector Robert Koning, and Faucher was told to file an official Notice of Intent ex post facto. ...more

Martha Bedrosian of Bedford Road is now the new chairman of the board of health, succeeding Steve Opolski who had served as chairman for many years. Susan Whalley is the new assistant for the board of health office, helping out board of health agent Linda Fantasia. ...more

Town Hall, 7:30 p.m.

7:30 RAN signing, Ann Vandal ...more

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