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Friday, September 20, 2002


Conservation commission shorts from September 12

· Great Brook Farm State Park. Park superintendent Ray Faucher reported the collapse of a bridge on the Woodchuck Trail, "one that I have been trying to get replaced since 1995." He explained that two other bridges in the affected area near the cabin can't take the weight required to permit access for fire suppression equipment; hence his request for an emergency certificate to permit replacement activity to commence immediately. Admitting that the old bridge had already been cleared out in preparation, Faucher said all that will be required is to set 12 by 14 foot concrete blocks in place and use heavy ACQ lumber to span the stream. Heavy equipment with big rubber tires will be forced to ford the stream twice, but there should be no further disturbance of the stream's banks. The commission issued the emergency permit co-signed by building inspector Robert Koning, and Faucher was told to file an official Notice of Intent ex post facto.

· East Street driveway. The commission closed a continued hearing on a proposal for construction and grading of a driveway to a single-family residence on East Street. The project involved a steep grade, wetland fill and replication of the destroyed portion of the resource area. The original plan for wetland replacement had not changed, but Field Crest wetland consultant Dave Crossman of B & C Associates asked that he be allowed to complete the replication after the roadway itself is complete.

Commissioner Tom Brownrigg inquired about substrate materials for the replication area and was satisfied with Crossman's promise to use hydric soils and peat. To a question concerning drainage on the steep slope from newly seated commissioner Tricia Smith, Crossman replied that a projected gravel trench should handle the problem. Still concerned about the danger of channeling and resultant siltation into the wetland when a fall timetable makes re-vegetation of exposed soils problematic, she suggested staggered tree plantings along the sediment barriers and careful monitoring of the site both before and during heavy rains. With Crossman's assurance of compliance, the long-running hearing was closed.

· River Road/Monument Street. A continued hearing on an application from developer David Valchuis to demolish an existing dwelling and construct a new home on the Carlisle/Concord town line was approved and a standard order of conditions issued. The acceptance came following a similar action by the Concord Natural Resources Commission. However, there is still a lot-line problem to be resolved before the board of health can render a final decision on septic system specifications.

· Amended NOI on South Street. Applicant Ron Nardone received a fast okay for regrading of a portion of his yard adjacent to a newly installed tennis court at his South Street address. The asphalt court construction had already been approved by the commission, and a simple amendment to the original NOI presented no new problems.

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