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Friday, September 20, 2002


Carlisle Comments Warning signs

Sometimes life gives us gentle little warning signs, that while life goes on, our bodies and our outlook on life start to change a little. While no one wants to admit that he or she is getting older, little clues start to creep in and are often quickly and completely denied. Of course I speak from a woman's point of view, but I am sure that men have many similar signals.

Has your eye doctor ever told you that the reason that your eyes are changing is because you are on the wrong side of 40? I used to think that 40 wasn't so bad, and when he told me this, I was over fifty. Still, my arms aren't as long as they used to be.

Do you remember the day, ladies, that your size 5 underpants suddenly didn't fit anymore, no matter how hard you tried to squeeze into them? Size 6 or possibly even size 7, I say that very delicately, are much more comfortable. Is this the beginning of the dreaded "middle age spread"? Comfortable shoes suddenly became much more attractive and you could actually stand up for a long time and even walk in them.

Staying up really late is paid for the next day by being really tired for the next few days. Naps start to seem like a very good idea before a late night out. You start using phrases like, "I wasn't nodding off, I was just resting my eyes." When and if you try to touch your toes, the floor seems much further away. Grocery bags are twice as heavy, and parking spaces are not only further away, but also narrower.

Do your legs get stiff after a long car ride? Do you just hate driving to Boston or the airport? Now that your kids have been adults for quite a while, do you prefer to have them do the driving? Do you remember seeing things on the "Antiques Roadshow" that your parents or possibly even you yourself bought new? And some of that ugly old junk from your grandparents' house is now very valuable and, seen through the dollar sign, now quite beautiful. Speaking of beautiful, laugh lines are becoming more attractive too.

I saw "old what's his name," "I know the name as well as I know my own," and if I could only find my car keys, I might even visit him.

Personally, I'm still 26 or so on the inside, and have been for quite some time, but life goes on, and isn't it grand.

2002 The Carlisle Mosquito