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Friday, September 13, 2002


It has been nine months since Joseph Campagna first came to the board of appeals to request a special permit to operate a commercial stable at 964 Bedford Road. At that time, the barn was yet to be built, and the discussion that night had mostly to do with manure. The board denied the application without prejudice, asking the applicant to address their many unanswered questions before returning with his application. ...more

The Acton Conservation Commission has acknowledged receipt of a letter from their Carlisle counterparts urging modification of plans for the 90-house Robbins Mill Estates that will border Carlisle on the west side of town. The proposal as drawn up by former Carlisle commissioner Ken Harte called for a modest reorientation of the subdivision to permit preservation of a 150-foot-wide buffer roughly following the town line. The forested border area would serve as a wildlife corridor and permit trail linkage between existing conservation tracts in both towns ...more

Interviewing the latest appointee to the Carlisle Conservation Commission (ConsCom) did not appear to be a hazardous assignment for a member of the local press. The scene was not Afghanistan or Mexico City; it was the shady side yard of the newest addition to the commission, former member and active veteran of other town bodies, Tricia Smith. But browsing under the tall pines as I began the interview was a long-eared, soft-eyed and disarmingly rotund thief. ...more

Matthew Brady, CCHS biology and earth science teacher and part-time special education teacher, received his bachelor's degree from St. Francis College of Pennsylvania, and his masters of education from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He previously taught at the A. L. Brown High School in Kannapolis, NC. ...more

The following highlights come from the Carlisle School Committee (CSC) meeting of September 3. ...more

Five new teachers began last week at the Carlisle school, along with three "reassigned" teachers. "I've finally got my own classroom!" said fourth grade teacher Jennifer Durkin, who was a first grade classroom assistant last year. Melissa Bleckman, who was a special educator last year, is teaching third grade, and Joan Beauchamp, last year a sixth grade assistant, is teaching eighth grade math. ...more

Carlisle Police Lieutenant John Sullivan has given the Mosquito this identikit sketch, compiled from the description of a man who recently attempted to abduct a Concord girl. This individual, described as a white male, 57-60 years of age, with gray hair, drove a black pick-up truck. He approached a 12-year-old girl waiting for the morning school bus on September 6. Parents and students at bus stops or on their way to school are asked to be on the alert and to notify the Carlisle Police of any suspicious incident. ...more

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