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Friday, September 13, 2002


As part of the Carlisle Oral History Project, Ellen Miller met with representatives of various town boards on June 12, 2002, for a discussion of town boards and how they have changed over the last 20 or 30 years. Participants were Vivian Chaput, Midge Eliassen, Beth Hambleton and Terry Herndon. The panel began with introductions. ...more

Two pedigreed dogs had their pictures taken at the Petrie's on Baldwin Road last week. Daisy Okas, publicity director for the AKC in New York City, explained that the photos will be used as informational commercials on television and to encourage visits to their website. While we spoke, a Bullmastiff (pictured above) named "Champion Banstock's Captain Jack," or Jack for short, was posing amid camera, lights and screens while his owner constantly wiped away the drool that Bullmastiffs tend to collect on their large jowls. Nearby, Barbara Taub, of Commack NY, waited with Sidney ("Michael Dane JB All the Right Stuff"), a Harlequin Great Dane, for their turn. Away from the action at the top of the field Harry, a chocolate Labrador Retriever (just "Harry"), watched with his owners, friends of the photographers. ...more

Country Lines

This is the first column by Penny Zezima, who began writing about her family in "Country Lines" in April, 1989. It is reprinted as The Mosquito celebrates its 30th anniversary. ...more

Name: Hemaris thysbe, Hummingbird moth, Hummingbird clearwing, sometimes called a hawkmoth, member of the sphinx moth family (Sphingidae). ...more

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