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Friday, September 13, 2002


Welcome to the new teachers at Carlisle Public School

Five new teachers began last week at the Carlisle school, along with three "reassigned" teachers. "I've finally got my own classroom!" said fourth grade teacher Jennifer Durkin, who was a first grade classroom assistant last year. Melissa Bleckman, who was a special educator last year, is teaching third grade, and Joan Beauchamp, last year a sixth grade assistant, is teaching eighth grade math.

New and reassigned teachers at the Carlisle Schools include (left to right) Steven Little, Megan Fitzharris, Joan Beauchamp, Sandra Fee, Sharon Grossman, Jennifer Durkin, Melissa Bleckman and Kimberly Meade. Not pictured is Antonio Villar. (Photo by Cynthia Sorn)
The new teachers come from a variety of backgrounds and locations. The longest-distance distinction goes to fifth grade teacher Steven Little, who came from Schulerville, NY in the upstate snow belt, where he taught third grade. Close to home, Sandra Fee, second grade teacher, taught second grade in Westford. Sharon Grossman, guidance counselor and school psychologist for preschool to second grade, came to us from the Stoneham school, where she was the school psychologist for grades preschool to five. Antonio Villar, sixth grade social studies teacher, lives near the ocean in Gloucester, and taught sixth grade social studies in Beverly. Two teachers came to the Carlisle School directly from college: Megan Fitzharris, music teacher for fourth, fifth, and sixth grades, graduated from Salisbury College, and Kimberly Meade, the fourth grade special educator, graduated from Bridgewater State College with a double major in special education and psychology.

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