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Friday, September 13, 2002


Shorts from the CSC

The following highlights come from the Carlisle School Committee (CSC) meeting of September 3.

· Sports sub-committee. Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson requested the creation of a new sub-committee, the "school sports task force." Noting a lack of funds for intramural and interscholastic sports, she asked that a committee be formed to discuss the future of town sports. The motion passed. On the committee would be Carlisle School Principal Andy Goyer, Carlisle School Vice-Principal Steve Goodman, a representative from the Carlisle School physical education department, a representative from the recreation commission, a coach from one of the sports groups, a representative from the Carlisle School Committee (CSC), a representative from the Carlisle School Association and a number of interested parents. Meetings would be open to the public, and the task force would have until the spring of 2003 to make recommendations.

· Church Street one way. A brief discussion was held concerning the new one-way status of Church Street. "How was that decided?" asked committee member Paul Morrison. Fox-Melanson explained the selectmen, along with the police department, made the decision, to be reviewed in one year.

· School building committee. Morrison discussed a $20,000 grant given to the school building committee, which will be used for a feasibility study on expansion of the current campus or new development on the Banta-Davis Land.

· DARE state grant cut. Fox-Melanson explained the state grant of $6,000 for the DARE program, an anti-drug education program offered by the Carlisle Police, has been cut. "Having a police officer here is great," noted committee member David Dockterman. Committee member Michael Fitzgerald agreed, "Those relationships stay for a long time." Fox-Melanson, lamenting the cuts the state has made, expressed her desire to continue the program. "Those officers have really established a rapport" with the students at the school. She proposed sending letters to families requesting donations to the police department so the program could continue.

· School tour. Supervisor of buildings and grounds David Flannery led the committee members on a tour of the Carlisle School buildings to demonstrate the changes made to the facility over the summer. He noted the bright replacement skylights in the Wilkins Building, the fresh surface of the plaza, the new vinyl on the bathroom floors as well as the new stall dividers, the energy-efficient lights in the cafeteria, the skateboard sign on a pole by the plaza, the "Quiet Zone" sign between the Wilkins and Robbins Buildings and many other improvements made during the summer. Fox-Melanson was pleased at the changes made to the campus. "Our in-house folks should be commended," she said.

Flannery noted one serious problem over the summer. "We had about $500 of damage done to a roof," saying the police found beer cans near the torn roof tiles. The police are investigating.

· Eileen Riley resigns. Fox-Melanson announced the resignation of Carlisle School Business Manager Eileen Riley. Riley, who has served the Carlisle School for eight years, will be taking a position closer to the ocean, "following her dream," as she explained. Morrison lamented losing Riley, noting she was always able to remember the details about the school building committee. Committee chair Suzanne Whitney-Smith thanked Riley for her years of hard work.

· Further meetings. Although the CSC meeting schedule was reduced to one a month, a discussion was held regarding team teacher presentations. Additional meetings may be added to facilitate teacher presentations. The next meeting is scheduled for September 17.

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