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Friday, September 13, 2002

Vote in Tuesday's primary

To the Editor:

The Carlisle Republican Town Committee would like to remind all registered Carlisle voters to vote in the primary elections on Tuesday, September 17. As a primary voter, you have the opportunity to shape the ticket of the parties in the November general election.

This year, there are four contested races on the Republican primary ballot in Carlisle. The contests are for lieutenant governor, state treasurer, U.S. congress and state representative. Anyone interested in more information on the candidates may contact me at 1-978-371-9593 or go to the Massachusetts GOP website at This site has links to the website of each candidate.

The Massachusetts primary election is open. Any Carlisle voter who is either a registered Republican or is not enrolled with another party may vote in the Republican primary. Since turnout is typically lower for primaries than general elections, your vote will have a proportionately larger effect on the outcome. The primary is an important part of our democratic process and we at the Carlisle Republican Town Committee encourage all Carlisle voters to participate.

James Bohn
chairman, Republican Town Committee

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